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Post-Pandemic Readiness

Five strategic priorities to succeed in the new world. Get the report.

Leadership in times of crisis:

Pivoting towards recovery.

Distressed M&A and ''new'' types of...

COVID-19 has dealmakers put a hold on transaction activities. Current market volatility has caused a decline in investor confidence as the crisis increases M&A risks.

Transfer Pricing implications of...

COVID-19 impacts cross-border activity and MNEs around the world, causing a number of Transfer Pricing implications.

The ''New Normal'' for hospitality...

COVID-19 severely impacted hospitality businesses. As lockdown restrictions are easing up, what does the "New Normal" look like for owners of restaurants and bars?

Denmark and financial initiatives...

Briefing no. 2 from Beierholm

Denmark and financial initiatives...

Briefing no. 1 from Beierholm

Transactions Outlook 2020

An Overview of M&A Trends across Regions.

New double taxation treaty between the...

The new income and capital tax treaty between Ireland and the Netherlands was signed on 13 June 2019. Once in force and effective, it will replace the 1969 tax treaty between the two countries.

Are Business Leaders ready for the...

Are business leaders ready to thrive in the 2020's? At the dawn of the new decade, HLB's CEO Marco Donzelli shares how turbulent times and an accelerated speed of change impact the international business environment.