The Beierholm Code


Together we make it happen


Balance and quick reactions are important skills in a fast-moving and fiercely competitive marketplace. It takes planning, perspective and control to make a business idea sustainable and generate results.

As sparring partners, we attach great importance to providing you with the broader perspective needed to achieve the kind of results that your basic business idea deserves.

Beierholm do not just apply professional expertise and the right tools to the task: we also put a great deal of personal commitment into our partnerships.

We give solutions that make a difference. Our basic auditing and accounting services are well known. But our consultants provide a range of other services also aimed at broadening our clients horizons and improving their results.


Auditing is not just a matter of authorising annual accounts/reports or other accounting statements and certifying compliance with legal requirements. The result of an audit is just as important.

Often it will lead to recommendations and good advice, better results, greater financial security for the company and its owners, or more efficient administration.

Top quality service is our highest priority.

Accounting services

Compilation of annual accounts is only one part of our accountancy services. Periodic accounts, budget controls and accounts analysis also help provide our clients with a clear picture of their financial position.

We also draft alternative forms of accounts such as Knowledge Audits and Environmental Reports.

Tax advice and planning

Our services include compilation of taxable income and assistance in tax cases and negotiations with the tax authorities.

This helps make sure that the tax burden is no higher than it should be and that our clients have a partner who provides competent and serious opposition to the authorities in potentially difficult tax cases.

Tax advice and planning guarantee the best possible tax conditions for your company, its owners and employees, whether in your current position, a potential operating situation after an acquisition, divestment or change of management.

International tax advice

International tax advice often proves vital to companies active in multiple markets. The efficient management of issues such as timing, planning, and staff secondments are all crucial to a projects success. The same is true of fixing internal transfer prices within a group.

IT consulting

We provide advice about the purchase, implementation, extension or upgrading of administrative IT systems, whether it be the purchase of hardware, software, report generation, security and monitoring or web-trust certification for e-business.

Business services

We help our clients with their bookkeeping, payroll systems, payment routines, invoicing and financial reporting a particularly valuable service to smaller companies.

Corporate finance

Our corporate finance services cover the acquisition and sale of companies, including evaluation of the sales or purchase price. We also provide advice about stock market flotations, or private placements, whichever is most appropriate.

Financial advice

As a sparring partner, we provide a broad range of advice to our clients about:

  • Stock market flotations
  • Corporate recovery
  • Due diligence
  • Insurance risk analysis
  • Fraud prevention
  • Succession planning
  • Investment advice
  • Management support
  • Recruitment
  • Strategic development
  • Structural changes
  • Company conversions

We know what we are good at and understand that we do not master everything. As a result, Beierholm co-operates closely with other competent companies in areas where we have a positive contribution to make but cannot do it all ourselves.

We set the highest standards for our services.