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Cyber and information security services

The reality of cyber security is that successful cyber-attacks increase every year. Are you prepared? HLB can help you protect your organisation.

A Three-Pronged Approach to Reducing...

While cloud technology, increased connectivity and remote work are the new way of working for many organisations today, does your CIO have a sold approach to managing cyber security risk?

Why does the world need Cyber Security...

Podcast. In our new podcast, we discuss the importance of education and implementation of best practices to minimise cyber security risk.

Managing your Virtual Assets

A software asset management (SAM) strategy helps companies manages virtual assets and minimise cyber security vulnerabilities, IT cost and legal noncompliance.

Latest trends in Permanent...

Businesses continue expanding globally at a much more rapid pace than ever. But as your business cross borders, it’s important to understand whether your business activities will constitute a taxable presence in the foreign jurisdiction, a permanent establishment.

Building sustainability into food...

HLB's Chris Solt argues for the importance of building sustainability into food production and why it needs to be a top priority for the food sector.

Taxation challenges of cryptocurrency....

While cryptocurrency is not a new phenomenon, its use is becoming more present in today’s global marketplace. As a result, organisations need to understand how cryptocurrency may become a common use asset and the potential impact on cross border business.

Building a charity that thrives

Key factors for successful governance and management of NFPs.

Scaling up: Global has never been more...

HLB’s Andrew Mosby identifies 6 key considerations for planning an international scale up.

Taxation Incentives for Intellectual...

Our HLB panelists guide you on the tax incentives across different jurisdictions for IP and their impact on international business.